Christine Engelbrecht

Engagement for Innovation

and Artistic Survival Strategies

Product Development should endure and flourish in the face of contemporary challenges. I design by thoughtful navigation through the artistic terrain, encompassing elements such as resource management, intuitive adaptability, resilience, and emotional balance!

A passion for realistic concepts
in a comfortable and dignified life.

Professional services tailored for a diverse clientele, spanning from small enterprises to industrial manufacturers.

Research and Design

Literature review is very important. Appropriate conclusions serve to formulate initial designs.

Testing and Analysing

Fundamental: Always alter only one parameter at a time. New releases very often have undergone inadequate testing and are not ready for market deployment.

Editing and Marketing

Writing one’s thoughts down not only enhances personal comprehension but also facilitates the persuasion of others…

Search Engine Optimisation and attractive visual presentation

Develop a coherent SEO strategy from the beginning in order to save a lot of time.

Website Design and
Online Publishing

Showcase the fresh blooms of your imagination and the fruits of your labor to the market and charme your audience.

Advertising by Social Media, Ad Words, Bing and real presence events

Immerse yourself in the crowd and find affirmation in the evidence that they truly need you and follow your ideas.

Do you find yourself in need of a fresh idea? Something that would have never occurred to you on your own? An idea that inspires you to launch a new product, embark on a novel strategy, and conquer the world in a different way? Do You need an experienced advisor in product development?

Every creation has a real story

Get Yourself
a Product Developer

  • Work with intuitive power
  • Publish Your projects independently
  • Experience the world of artistic survival strategies

Try something new

  • spread raw sheep wool as natural fertilizer and mulch protection
  • Fill the world’s first Horseradish Cream into spraycans
  • Let pigeons mesure the content of CO2 in the air
  • stop smoking thanks to nicotinefree cigarettes
  • Use coffee Beans as a natural diluant for flavors

„Perhaps You have the next idea that conquers the world. Provide yourself with the means to realize it!“

watch, read and listen…

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